3 Strap Ruby and Apple Cider Gummies Combo

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3 Strap Ruby and Apple Cider Gummies Combo


3 Strap Ruby and Apple Cider Gummies Combo

This Combo is a combination of 1 unit of the GETFIT 3 Strap Ruby and 1 unit of Apple Cider Gummies

 3 Strap Ruby infomation
      • Triple belt effectively provides firm compression and reduces your waist and abdominal panniculus.

     • Fully detachable and can be worn under a fitted dress comfortably.

     • Increases Sauna effect during

     • physical activities.

    • Increases belly vacuum effect thats sucks up your belly and provides firm back support!

    •  With 3 straps to attack the lowest belly fat above the pubic bone region Ideal for falling/dropping belly fat            Improved thermogenic material for burning belly fat

GetFit Apple Cider Gummies

    • Supports healthy food digestion

    • It aids in detoxification

    • Strengthens your gut health

    • Supports healthy energy levels

    • Reduce bloating.

    • It improves the immune system

    • Enhances skin glow

    • Relieves heartburn

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