This is a common question that we get asked by our customers. We know how eager you can get immediately you receive your GETFIT waist trainers to see results. After getting your waist trainer the next step is to wear it. For how long can you wear it? Without exercise, wear your GETFIT waist trimmers for 5-7 hours at a stretch consistently and 2 hours with exercise.

Sleeping in your waist trainers can be a way to see results faster, it wouldn’t be the most comfortable sleep you’ve had so you can start with two hours to adjust. However, we recommend you wear your waist trainer while awake!

Also like every other thing, waist trainers can be abused, our GETFIT waist trainers help asides from reducing belly fat also helps with correcting your postures, back pain, post-partum recovery amongst others. Be consistent in wearing your waist trainers and you can be sure to see the best results!

I hope this helps!

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