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We are here to inspire you live a healthy and fit life with GETFIT Slim waist Band.


Differences between ruby and waist trimmer

Frequently Asked Questions GETFIT : They are both very effective! But Ruby is longer in length compared to waist trimmer, so Ruby covers your entire belly fat. This is ideal if you have a long torso or if you have lower belly fat.

Differences between slim waist band and Ruby

Ruby is a limited Luxury Edition, and the materials used are a little bit different from that of slim waist band and the colors are different, Slim Waist band in black is fantastic and equally terminates belly fat while RUBY is Color red and it is the Luxury Edition. Both are of the same Length.

What is a Waist Trimmer?

When worn daily, a waist trainer—along with proper diet and exercise—can help you stay motivated and confident on your waist slimming journey. In this waist trimmers guide, we’ll explain exactly how to do it, so you rock your new curves right away.

What is Waist Trainer?

Let’s start with the basics: what is a waist trainer? A waist trimmers is a high-compression shaping garment that you wear around your midsection to slim your waistline instantly and supplement your fitness goals. Most waist trimmers stimulate thermal activity in your core, making you sweat more with less effort during exercise. Waist trimmers benefits include a more effective workout, improved posture, and dramatic hourglass curves—instantly.

Which of our product is the most Effective?

ALL GETFIT products are very effective! The major differences are the length  of the products , colors and materials used but in terms of Effectiveness? they all born belly fat like magic!


How Do I Know what size to Purchase?

Do measure your belly tightly with a tape rule, and Kindly check our size charts for your size or you can order according to your UK dress size.

Can i Wear The Products Underneath My Cloth?

Yes please you can, but it’s visible under tight clothes. Because our products perform more functions than girdle or spanx , they burn stubborn belly fat and not just hide them. But slim Waist band and ruby are way less visible under Clothes. You can wear your Getfit product under T-shirt, shift dresses, suit etc conveniently.PLEASE NOTE: Its advisable you wear a tank top or singlet FIRST before wrapping your Getfit product do not wear directly to your skin if you have a bit of a sensitive skin, you will still get the Excellent RESULTS.

What GETFIT Product is the Best for PostPartum/New mums?

We recommend Getfit Waist Trimmer as they assist in returning the uterus back to its previous position faster. But if you desire full Belly fat cover, then Slim waist band or Ruby will be a better option as it is Longer in length and Equally very Effective.

Can Men use GETFIT Waist Trimmers

Yes, Men can use Getfit Waist Trimmer as it is a Unisex Product.

There are No Side Effects ALL GETFIT Products are very Safe.

Frequently Asked Questions GETFIT : There are zero side effects! Just order your size and wrap to your comfort level and watch your stubborn belly fat Melt like magic! use while Exercising or combine with our secrets if you don’t desire to exercise


Assist in getting your dream 6Packs


Burn belly fat like magic

Get your dream Body!


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